The AI-powered fashion studio

Boost your ecommerce business by creating beautiful images of your garmet worn by invisible models with our AI-powered tool, directly in your browser - just 1 flat lay, no mannequin required. Dont' wait, Reduce Model Photo Cost By 90%.

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A better way for fashion photography

Create ghost mannequin image from a single flat lay image in minutes, start selling in the next.

Increase your sales

Online retailers know that straight-forward, front-facing model images encourage add to cart.

Affordable Price

Photo shoots cost a lot no matter how many items were photographed. It doesn't and shouldn't be this way!

No hidden fees

Know your price immediately without needing to send a quote request. Fixed, predictable pricing with no hidden fees. Calculate price


Why wait week(s) when you can get resutls in minutes. Upload your apparel then download your results, no waiting for edits and redos.

Rapidly customize

Many models to choose from, find the pose you want. Rapidly try out and find out what works for you.

Connect with your customers

Better engage with your customers by giving them an idea of how the clothing appears on them.

No photoshopping required

You shouldn't need expensive subscription to make additional minor edits. We believe entry creating photofessional looking images should be as easy as possible.

Just a laydown

Your time is important to us. Unlike other services, we dont't need photo of a model wearing the apparel, saving you time changing clothes.

How it works.

You got this!

1. Upload your garmet. 2. Select your model. 3. Download your photo.

image of your garmet
your garmet
your selected model
choose a model
generated image of your selected model wearing your garmet

Inside the AI

A virtual photostudio

The ghost mannequin algorithm combines the product image with inlay image of the apparel adds wrapping and shadows, export as web optimized webp, png, or jpg this opens a powerful opportunities to those with tigher budges or with less experiences as well as big brands and service companies.


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generous limits to get your business forward
  • 2 images/month
  • 2 month image retention
  • self-help


per image billed monthly
  • 2 images/month
  • $1 /GB/month
  • email support